Where to find us

Sure, TOTAL formulates high-quality oils. But with our passion for cars, it's only natural for us to provide top-notch services too. We are here to help you take excellent care of your vehicle. Established throughout the world, we have 300 service centers across five continents & more than 70 service centers in the UAE

Our Commitments:

  • Trust: Our experienced technicians will only recommend the best product that suits your engine.
  • Quality: Our high-performance products are of the highest quality, designed to meet your needs perfectly
  • Welcoming: Our experts are on hand to take care of your car. Warm Welcome in a clean and comfortable workshop.
  • Service and Expertise: Our technicians are highly trained and qualified, providing guaranteed expertise. No previous appointment is needed.
    Our objective: 100% satisfaction!

Total ROC:

A Total Rapid Oil Change Center is a comprehensive quick oil change center open to all.

Total Pitstops  

Services Offered:

  • Quick and Professional Oil Change, recommendation in terms of the best suitable lubricant for your car..
  • 16 Safety Checks and Top-ups.
  • Value added services - Battery, tyres, minor repairs, car wash and detailing etc.
  • Benefits of Sales promotion and Free Service Checkups.
  • Professional and transparent approach in terms of scope of work, delivery schedule and cost implications.
  • Special waiting area (only in specific outlets).
  • Create you own Total digital service book

Total Pitstops:

Total Quartz Pitstop,
a smaller version of the ROC!

Total Rapid Oil Change  

Services Offered:

By virtue of visiting Total Quartz Pitstop outlet, you benefit in the following ways:

  • Express Oil Change
  • Guidance in terms of selecting most suitable Lubricants
  • Value added services- battery, tyres, minor repairs etc.
  • Enjoy the benefits of Sales promotion and Free Service Check ups
  • Create you own Total digital service book