A Horrible Smell from the Air Conditioning?

A Horrible Smell from the Air Conditioning

Discomfort in the vehicle

You have a problem of unpleasant smell from the air conditioning? it’s due to a system which facilitates the spread of germs and microbes. To overcome this, protect the evaporator and the heater matrix from corrosion.

There are 2 ways of doing this:

Clean it yourself

You remove the passenger compartment filter, open the windows, open the air vents, cut off the air conditioning, start the vehicle and spray the product into the filter box for one minute, turn off the ignition and leave it to work. This may be tiresome and the problem may persist.

Apply to your dealership

Only a specialist can help you overcome the bad smells, against the microbe contamination which persists, in spite of the products you have used. For example, your dealership can inject a burn-off vapour to clean out your circuit more efficiently. It can also clean out a bad smell resulting from a toxic Freon gas leakage.

In all cases

Act quickly if you have a problem of a bad smell from the air conditioning. Breathing in particles from the fungi or gases can be harmful to your health.

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