Air Conditioning Too Cold?

Air Conditioning Too Cold?

The impact of atmospheric conditions on a vehicle

Due to the extreme heat all-year-round and driving in hot conditions, when you buy a vehicle, you require air conditioning. And you are right! Even though today, air conditioning is part of standard options.

A veritable comfort and safety option.

You need the heat exchanger driven by the engine to absorb the excess heat, from the inlet air or the interior air. Cooled and filtered air into your vehicle interior provides your passengers with extra comfort. This comfort also means that you are more concentrated on the road ahead. This consequently means that it contributes to your safety.

Servicing is essential

To avoid feeling too hot or even having health problems such as allergies, regular servicing is important: the passenger compartment filter needs to be changed, the circuit cleaned out, and even the filters which collect mould and fungi, causing bad smells. (See:

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