How to use and maintain your air conditioning system properly?

Picture of an A/C system

Previously the reserve of top-of-the-range vehicles, the system commonly referred to as the air conditioning system is today an essential feature for most motorists, whether in hot or cold countries. Today, 90% of new cars are fitted with it. The air conditioning system is very practical to ensure cool air in the passenger compartment but is also highly effective for demisting the windscreen. However, and undeservedly, you may neglect its maintenance due to a lack of knowledge of the impact of maintenance on its efficiency.

Why maintain your air conditioning system?

First of all, for your safety. In the United Arab Emirates, for example, air conditioning reduces fatigue by cooling the passenger compartment. It is therefore an ally when driving long distances.

In addition, the time the air conditioning is used in Dubai (8 months of the year), is far longer than the time it is used in Paris (approximately 3 months). Therefore, a Dubai motorist needs to have his air conditioning system maintained twice as often.

Moreover, not maintaining your air conditioning system is quite simply a serious danger to your health. Unmaintained or clogged with sand, the filters are rapidly coated with germs, bacteria and mould which, apart from the unpleasant odours, may cause you allergies or colds. Generally speaking, air conditioning is designed to improve your driving comfort by guaranteeing you a stable temperature.

And in the end, maintenance costs are high due to the failure of certain unserviced parts. Sometimes up to 1600 AED for a broken compressor if the circuit fluid is not renewed every two years. Above this, repair costs are high, and the reduced efficiency of the air conditioning system will be felt after a number of years without maintenance.

How do we detect a maintenance problem?

  • Unpleasant odours
  • Abnormally cold air
  • Ambient humidity
  • Mist on the windscreen
  • Increased fuel consumption

And to maintain it?

Once a year:

  • Have the system checked for correct operation
  • Have an antibacterial treatment carried out (non, anti-bacteria)

Every two years:

  • Appointment at an auto servicing centre to have the air conditioning circuit cleaned out and refilled with gas (this is done to purify the air circuit and ensure a healthy passenger compartment)

Please refer to your car manufacturer’s recommendations as set out in your car service book in order to have your air conditioning system checked as necessary.