My Battery Catches Fire, What do I do?

The importance of the battery

In general, electric or hybrid vehicle batteries are bigger and put out higher voltages, which can involve different degrees of explosion hazards. Fire spreads very quickly. A fire can develop into a major incident with tyres exploding, interior plastic materials burning and the contents of the fuel tank also aggravates the situation.

So what are the right reflexes in case of fire?

Protect yourself and your passengers

  • Slow down,
  • Turn on your hazard warning lights,
  • If possible, stop the vehicle where there are no other pedestrians
  • Evacuate your passengers as quickly as possible
  • Quickly take shelter

Then take action

  • If it is a fire outbreak, use your extinguisher to fight the fire under the bonnet and through the grille and then call your dealership.
  • If the fire is major, call the emergency services.