How does my abs braking system work?

Brakes - How does my ABS Braking System work?

ABS for increased safety

You have just bought a car. It is sure to be fitted with ABS. This anti-lock braking system is a safety feature which helps you keep directional control of your vehicle.

But how does it actually work?

The ABS uses wheel sensors to determine if one or more of the wheels tries to lock up under braking. If a wheel tries to do this the hydraulic valves limit or reduce braking on the wheel concerned.

Basically, the ABS instantaneously brakes the wheels on your vehicle then releases them when you press hard on the
akes, which prevents your vehicle from skidding on a wet or dry road and enables you to keep control over the steering.

When is this useful?

For example, you are behind the wheel and suddenly a child runs across the road; the ABS enables you to brake more safely and stop your vehicle under more control.

Another example: an overtaking driver turns back in quickly at an excessively sharp angle, the ABS enables him to prevent a collision by controlling his braking.

A safety function to keep an eye on

You may find there is a fault on the ABS: your ABS warning light stays on for a long time, your vehicle starts to skid, one of your drive wheels is locked up, etc. For your safety and that of others, entrust your dealership with the correct servicing of your vehicle