8 Tips to drive safely in UAE foggy weather

8 Tips to drive safely in UAE foggy weather

As you may have noticed, it’s no longer a surprise to wake up and looking by the window unable to see anything because of the thick fog..

This is something which always occurs during winter season in the UAE, therefore, some caution should to be taken in order to help you drive safely and avoid dangerous accidents. In fact, multi vehicle crash was recorded causing 26 people injured during last week of Dec. 2016 (source: Gulfbusiness.com) and many more accidents take place during this season.

8 Tips to drive safely in UAE foggy weather

Here are 10 useful tips to keep in mind when driving early morning or late at night when it’s foggy:

1)Only Drive if you have to

If you wake up to go to work and fog is too thick to an extend that you can barely see, it’s okay to wait for a bit before hitting the road.

Your safety comes first so you can wait until the fog clears.

Don’t forget to listen to the radio or traffic report before you set off.

2)Stop at the nearest service station if you can’t see anything anymore.

Especially in highways, it gets suddenly too foggy that you can’t see anything anymore.

In this case, slow down and stop at the nearest service station as it’s very risky to keep on driving at this point..

3)Slow down & allow more distance between vehicles

Driving at 120km/h in thick fog is very dangerous and irresponsible; putting your life & the lives of others at risk. Instead, drive at 50km/h staying over to the middle lanes.

Make sure you allow more distance behind the other vehicle by counting distance by 5 seconds instead of the normal 2 seconds

4)Use fog lights

Fog lights are usually below the front bumper, mounted low & aimed toward the ground out in front of the vehicle as far as possible. The beam of light created by fog lights is usually flat pattern & wide to better illuminate the sides of the roadway. They will perform better than headlights due to their low mounting point on the vehicle, so make sure to use them.


Opening the window a little will allow you to have an idea about the environment around you despite the limited visibility. Since you will be driving at a low speed, wind noise shouldn’t be very loud, so you will be able to hear a car close to you which you can’t see, or someone/something warning you to stop.

6)Turn your heater on

The condensation will build up inside of your car during fog due to cool weather outside which will make your visibility even harder.

Turning on the car heater will keep the windows clear .

7)Avoid changing lanes

Unless you have to, Changing lanes when it’s foggy is dangerous.. Remember that motorists behind you may have not seen you.

8)Do NOT use hazard lights

This is often seen on the road... Drivers turning on their hazard lights when foggy to make themselves visible.

This will most likely be confusing to other motorists which can cause accidents.

In fact, hazard lights are used to warn other motorists that you are stationary, or to warn them of a road hazard.

Make sure your lights are checked on regular basis, you can do that easily thanks to the digital service book, which will remind you on when your maintenance or check-ups are due!