Avoid road breakdowns with the Digital Service book

Total presents its Digital Service Book , here’s short story highlighting how can this new service makes your trips safer & helps take better care of your vehicle.

Alex drives the road between Dubai to Abu Dhabi to go to work everyday.

He is always in a hurry and has a lot in his mind. Unfortunately he didn’t follow the advice his wife gave him a few months ago: he didn’t set up a Digital Service Book with Total.

One day, one of his tires suddenly burst which could have led to a very dangerous situation.

Get your own Digital Service Book to avoid such unexpected breakdowns. This service reminds you on a regular basis about the maintenance due & checkups.

By using the Digital Service Book as a budget management tool, you can also avoid getting a very expensive quote from a recovery truck.

The Digital Service Book is also a way of storing your documents, such as the insurer, the driving license etc. in order to easily find them when needed.

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