Leave for safari

Leave for safari !

Leave for safari !

What is important to do before leaving for safari ?

Dubai desert, on Safari in a 4x4

The desert is only some fifty kilometres from Dubai, why not go on safari there in a 4x4?

Before leaving for a Dune Bashing session, you should do a few checks to make the most of this unforgettable experience.

Check the tyres and the spare wheel

Before leaving for the desert, remember to check the condition of the tyres and the spare wheel. The air filter should be clean and in good condition as there is a risk of sand and dust clogging it during your off-roading. Take a look at the shock absorbers and make sure there are no apparent leaks. Check oil, brake fluid and coolant levels. And finally, of course, remember to fill the fuel tank before venturing into the desert.

Don’t leave any objects loose in the interior. With the shaking, vibration and bumps, they may cause injury.

Deflate the tyres

When you arrive at the dunes, deflate the 4x4 tyres to 0.8 to 1 bar. By lowering the pressure, the tyres will have a much larger contact surface with the sand. This reduces the risk of being stuck in the sand, but remember to take a sand shovel and emergency ramps with you. These tools can prove very useful if you lose traction. You can also put a towing strap and shackles in the boot of the 4x4, just in case you can’t get free unaided. Remember to re-inflate the tyres to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure when you are back on tarmac, using a compressor.

Enjoy the freedom of the dunes!