Selling your car at the right price

Total presents its Digital Service Book and through the following short story the advantages of having a car maintenance manual

Sara uses her online car maintenance manual to sell her car at the best value

Sara wants to sell her car because she is leaving Dubai. She got lucky: as soon as she posted an ad on Internet, a potential buyer – James – showed interest in her car.

Sara was making sure the maintenance in done on time by receiving alerts in compliance with manufacturers’ recommendations.

Thanks to the Digital Service Book, Sara was able to prove that the tires, battery, lights, air conditioning, oil change and brakes of her car have all been checked and repaired when necessary.

With the digital service manual, James is convinced the car was in good hands and safe to buy.

Sara managed to sell her car without dealing with the price negotiation thanks to the Digital Service Book.

Allowing a win-win situation, it enables the future buyer to pay attention to the maintenance and to manage his budget as well.

The Digital Service Book is a free service offered by Total in all the UAE dedicated to you and the cars of your family, do not hesitate to create your account and decide what it is good for your car.

Maintain your car in good conditions for selling purpose thanks to the following advice: