Take care of my AUDI R8

Take care of my AUDI R8

Take care of my AUDI R8

The Audi R8 was named after the race car, which has been victorious during the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Facing a growing enthusiasm in Europe, the prestigious sport had to increase its production rate and declined the R8 in several model. The Audi R8 is still attracting people worldwide by its incredible design and performances.

For your Audi R8, Total recommends the use of Quartz Ineo long life 5W-30

Don’t hesitate to entrust this maintenance to an expert who will recommend the most suitable oil for your Audi R8. Ready to face the sand and dust of the United Arab Emirates, the Audi R8 requires regular oil change in order to protect the engine and ensure its longevity.

Loupe What you need to know about the Audi R8

  • An incredible design coupled with high performance
  • The vehicle exterior lighting system is entirely equipped with LED
  • A highly safe car with perfect visibility

Create a Digital Service Book at no charge for your Audi R8. Enter your information (current mileage, vehicle model, etc.) and the system will automatically remind you of upcoming service* milestones.
For more information about oil changes, you can read our article “ No-worries oil change

*In compliance with manufacturers’ recommendations