Take care of my Nissan Patrol

Taking care of my Nissan Patrol

An oil change is part of the essential maintenance for ensuring optimal engine operation. For that reason, it’s important to choose an expert who will be able to recommend the most suitable oil for your Nissan Patrol. To deal with the severe conditions of the United Arab Emirates, the Patrol requires regular oil changes in order to protect the engine and ensure its longevity. For your Nissan Patrol, Total recommends the use of Quartz 9000 Future FGC 5W30 oil.

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What you need to know about the Nissan Patrol:

Produced since 1951, the Nissan Patrol 4X4 disappeared from the European market in 2009. Launched in 2010 in the United States and in Australia under the name Infiniti QX80, the Nissan Patrol has focused on a clientele based in the Middle East. Superlatives are hardly enough to describe this new version. By pulling an aircraft weighing 170 tonnes, this vehicle made its way into the record books in August 2013 and it almost makes the Range Rover look like a small 4X4. Unlike the latter, the Patrol doesn’t aim for a sporty look. From its earlier model, the Nissan Patrol has retained its separate chassis, which is particularly well-suited for driving in sand.

The Patrol’s strengths in the view of our car fan at Total:

  • An ideal 4X4 for the severe conditions in the Middle East
  • Hydraulic suspension guaranteeing fluid and smooth driving
  • A luxurious passenger compartment offering optimal comfort

Create a Digital Service Book at no charge for your Nissan Patrol. Enter your information (current mileage, vehicle model, etc.) and the system will automatically remind you of upcoming service* milestones.

For more information about oil changes, you can read our article “No-worries oil change”

*In compliance with manufacturers' recommandations