The 5 main accessories to have in your car

The 5 main accessories to have in your car

The essentials for your vehicle

Breakdown or accident victim? This is the list of the 5 essential accessories to have in your vehicle.

The spare wheel

Whether your spare wheel is located under the bonnet, mounted on the boot-lid, or located in the boot, it will always be ready to provide a temporary replacement for the punctured tyre.

ABS braking

You may have to brake heavily. Under braking, you need to keep control of your vehicle and increase your vehicle safety: the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) is without doubt one of the best driving safety features to have.

Air conditioning

A veritable comfort and safety equipment, air conditioning is used to cool and purify your vehicle interior, when the exterior temperature or humidity is above that required in the interior.

The extinguisher

Be ready to act quickly in case of fire outbreak, using an extinguisher. You should have at least one close to hand.

The car computer

The car computer gives you such valuable information such as the mileage covered, your fuel consumption, etc. But it also keeps you informed of the servicing to be carried out regularly and any problems it needs to flag up (for example, insufficient brake fluid level).

Remember to check your vehicle accessories. Certain items need to be checked regularly. Always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations to travel in safety. Total provides you with support by offering you an automobile Digital Service Book to systematically remind you of what needs to be done on your vehicle.