Washing your car is part of maintaining your car

Washing your car is part of maintaining your car

Picture of an automatic carwash rollers

Maintaining your car is not limited to having servicing operations carried out by your local garage to check the brakes or do an oil change . It also involves regularly washing your car. If you use your vehicle in difficult conditions (hot and polluted climate, dusty or sandy environment), these can very quickly become enemies for your bodywork, and from day to day may damage it. If you want to keep your paintwork in perfect condition, you should wash your vehicle almost once a week.

Protect the environment

We sometimes tend to think that washing our car regularly is detrimental to the planet. In fact, it is the opposite. We admit, washing the car requires a certain quantity of water. Reckon on around 50 litres of water in a high pressure car wash, 200 litres for the roller car wash and up to 500 litres to wash your car at home. Certain stock standard ideas would lead us to conclude that we should wash our car less often. But, when you are driving, your vehicle attracts a certain number of pollutants, hydrocarbon residue and metal particles. Iron, cadmium, chrome, nickel and lead accumulate on the bodywork and in the wheels, and are disseminated when you drive. Therefore, these pollutants risk being washed away into the phreatic water tables. So, remember to wash your car regularly and protect the environment.

How should I wash my car: carwash or jet washer?

Automatic carwash rollers have lots of advantages, apart from the practical side, it’s also quick. Don’t forget to remove or fold down your radio aerial if possible, and check that all doors, windows, etc. are closed. Washing your car with a jet washer is eminently the best solution. It means you can wash your vehicle in complete safety. Choose carwash centers which are suited to washing vehicles, rather than jet washers you can rent or buy from DIY shops.

Make sure not to bring the jet washer nozzle too close to the bodywork, the pressure may damage the paintwork.