Why is the car fleet in the emirates white?

The fleet in Emirates

White cars were not the best-sellers in the past as there were common beliefs about this color. Indeed, on a car with a lot of plastic pieces, white may highlight them and giv the impression of ‘’low quality’’ car.

But for a few years, motor vehicles painted in white came back. It has been seen in all the countries worldwide: from America to Asia but also in Europe and Africa. It is called the “Apple effect”

United Arab Emirates are not an exception. Did you notice that the car fleet is white? It is no coincidence, besides the actual trend; there are three advantages of choosing this color in this kind of area:

Reason n°1 : the heat

With a temperature up to 50°C, it is hard to handle the heat. The white color allows sending back the rays of the sun and avoiding a too high temperature into the car. We can notice a difference of temperature up to 10°C!

The little extra: tinted windows will stop the rays of the sun up to 30%, a good idea to “stay fresh”

Reason n°2 : the sand

Very thin, it goes everywhere… On a dark color, it is really visible. With strong wind and a desert area, you might have found your car covered by sand when you woke up. It lets a thin layer, hard to take off without going by a car-wash. But it stays more discrete on a light color than on a dark one.

Even if it could postpone the moment of washing your car, it is necessary to clean it regularly. First of all, you can have a fine for having a dirty car: up to 3 000AED! And washing your car is a part of its maintenance.

Reason n°3 : Security

According to an Australian university’s study (Monash), white cars would have 10% less risk of having an accident during the day than a dark one.

Of course, a good maintenance of your tyres and your brakes are an essential and crucial part of the road safety !

Did you know?

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