Why and when to change your oil?

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Why change your engine oil?

Engine oil is not only designed to protect your engine from wear, it also cools the internal engine parts. 

To do so, the oil gets exposed to very high thermal and mechanical stress that makes the oil lose its physical and chemical properties.

The oil is also designed to clean your engine from inside and protect it against the acid resulting from the burning of the fuel; hence it gets polluted with different types of external and internal elements.

To ensure proper lubrication all the time, your engine oil needs to be clean and non-deteriorated lubricant i.e. with no change in its chemical and physical properties. 

Changing the oil will ensure to drain all the external and the internal contaminations and that your engine is being served by a non deteriorated lubricant.

When to change Oil?

Oil drain interval depends on many factors: the engine design, the driving style, the age of the engine age, the engine mileage, the ambient conditions, the lubricant used etc.

Hence selecting the oil drain interval is always linked to the original car manufacturer’s recommendation and the type of lubricant you are using.


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