The different habits of drivers

Changing your oil

Oil change is the most common operation of auto care. You can choose to DIY (Do It Yourself) or DIFM (Do It For Me)… What is the best practice? There are advantages and disadvantages for both of them. Habits are different depending of your country, the price of services around you, your age, and much more reasons. What are the pros and cons, is it always a good idea to DIY?

Why is it important to have your oil changed?

There are many reasons to change your oil regularly; it is for the safety of your car: it will make it last longer.
Avoiding premature wear by cleaning out the dirt, metal particles and prevent corrosion but also helping to cool down the engine.
Once your oil has been exposed to really high temperature and full of all the filth from your mechanism, it loses all the properties: that is why you need to have an engine oil change on regular basis.

DIFM versus DIY

There are two ways to get your engine oil change: Go to a special shop to have it done (DIFM) or change it yourself (DIY).

This choice is really personal, and there are a lot of factors involved: way of life or the context in your area (such as weather, pollution or the price of services).

If you choose to DIY, it will obviously be really cheap as you’ll just have to pay the engine oil and a filter. But if you don’t know which oil to get and you’ve never done it before, it can be really complicated. It takes time, you could easily get dirty and you might do something wrong.

That wouldn’t happened if you choose DIFM, you will pay a bit more but there are many advantages! First of all, you will have the engine oil that fits the most your car and habits and it will be very clean as specialized technicians know how to change engine oil perfectly. Practical side, you won’t get dirty and you will save a lot of time!

In UAE, you have to change your oil really often because of the heat and the sand. That’s why it is probably better to have it changed by a professional.

Also, families generally have more than one car. Unless you have a lot of time ahead, the best option seems to be DIFM. Our Digital Service Book will help you to stay organized with all your vehicles for many services of car maintenance.