Why is driving with the right tyre pressure is so important?

Too many drivers today do not check their tyre pressures once a month, or even before driving off on vacation.

But driving with the tyres at the right pressure is first of all important for safety. And braking distance and grip will be optimised.

In addition, the right tyre pressure will ensure a reduction in CO2 emissions and longer tyre life.

This also means making savings, with your tyres at the right pressure, you will reduce your fuel consumption. Driving with the right tyre pressures, means you save 20% for every tank of fuel.

Under-inflated tyres:

  • Longer braking distance
  • Risk of blow-out
  • Poorer road-holding
  • Risk of aquaplaning
  • Increased fuel consumption

Over-inflated tyres:

  • Less grip
  • Running surface wear
  • Reduced stability
  • Increased fuel consumption

Do not wait to make the most of the tools available in the Rapid Oil Change Centers to check and inflate your tyres free of charge.

Always check on regular basis your tyres,  the Digital Service Book is a great way to remember, one of its many advantages is reminding you about the due date of the tyres’ check up.

Right tyre pressure