Budget management

In compliance with manufacturers recommendations

In compliance with manufacturers recommendations

Automated Servicing Alerts

Automated Servicing Alerts

Budget Management Tool

Budget management tool

Better Resale Value

Better Resale Value


No more road breakdown's since I created the Digital Service Book

Do you know the monthly expenses of your car?

You’re tired of spending a lot on all operations without knowing exactly how much?

Total created The Digital Service Book just for you!

Track the expenses you pay every month, whether it’s fuel, maintenance, repairing and take control of our spending , this will help you save!

Not only that, the digital service book dashboard will display all the maintenance and services operations which need to be done regularly such as battery, oil change, brakes check, AC & more.

The digital service Book is easy to use, you can update the dashboard and get notified of the next check-up due on your tires, brakes, electric parts, battery & oil change operations.

Just like Karim, who was able to save and monitor better hi s car’s expenses, plan your car’s budget easily!

Register now, the digital Service Book is free!