Safety on the road

In compliance with manufacturers recommendations

In compliance with manufacturers recommendations

Automated Servicing Alerts

Automated Servicing Alerts

Budget Management Tool

Budget management tool

Better Resale Value

Better Resale Value


No more road breakdown's since I created the Digital Service Book

How many breakdowns on the road did you have?

Did your tire burst in the middle of the road because you forgot to do a check up on the tires?

Total cares about your safety on the road.,

No more delays in your maintenance operation.

The digital car manual will send you alerts to remind you of the next maintenance due , whether it’s a tire check, oil change, AC , brakes or electrical parts ; and in compliance with the manufacturers recommendations.

It’s a free service developed by Total to ensure your safety on the road and to make your car maintenance operations easier!

The Digital service book offers other features such as budget tracking of your vehicle and storing all the documents in a safe place, accessible anytime you need them

Register now, the digital Service Book is free!