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Total Marketing Middle East has introduced an online web portal where customers can place their orders.

What is eLUB?

eLUB is a web based self-serviced application which enables customers to place their lubricant requirements online with a safe and secure user ID and Password..

How to get connected to eLUB service?

eLUB services can be accessed via, over a secure network. Users get a User ID and Password by the SAP expert of TOTAL. Users can access the URL from any location via Laptop, Smartphone or tablets.


How beneficial this web tool for customers?

There are many way a customer can make good use of the tool.


1. This tool reduces the amount of paper work by empowering customers to place sales order over the internet. It also allows accurate filing of order information.

2. Track sales order status within a simple to use dashboard.

3. Shopping cart allowing order of multiple products.

4. 4 step process to choose from the entire material list.

5. Round the clock service – no jet lags!

6. Faster Delivery of the finished products to customer’s warehouse.

7. Entire service is highly secured.


Can customer still place orders by FAX or Email?

We recommend to our customers using eLUB service, as the purpose of eLUB is to make the entire process reliable and time saving. Having said that, we are still open to receive orders via FAX or Email.


Are you a Total Customer? Click on the link to place your online order now at