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Research and Development


Innovation has always been a priority for Total Lubricants, backed by our research centres in Solaize (69) and Gonfreville (76).The technical expertise of the teams and their on-going research efforts mean they can design and develop leading-edge products and solutions, immediately adapted to the latest technological developments, particularly in the automotive sector.

The missions of the Supply & Marketing Research Division:

TOTAL Lubricants is one of the specialised departments in the Supply & Marketing branch

  • Identify and push back present and future environmental constraints while optimising the investments required
  • Develop new product ranges and promote their applications
  • Take a position on future technologies and participate in their development if needed
  • Participate in the training of the high-level technicians needed by the branch
  • Manage the industrial and intellectual property of the Supply & Marketing branch

Our organisation:

An organisation integrated in Total Supply & Marketing R&D:

  • A coordination hub in Solaize :
    • Planning and control of research programmes,
    • Protection and enhancement of our know-how (Industrial Property),
    • Cooperation with third parties:
      • French and foreign universities and laboratories,
      • Public Agencies (AEC, IFPEN)
      • Industrial partnerships.
  • Two research units: 
    • The Solaize Research Centre (CRES), devoted to performance products (fuel oils and fuels) and specialty products (lubricants, bitumens, additives), but which also has Engine Testing and Analysis facilities,
    •  SM Teams within the European Research and Technology Centre (CERT) in Gonfreville, mainly devoted to Engine Testing and Lubricant activities.
  • A technical assistance unit
    The Technical Centre of Asia-Pacific (TCAP), functionally dependent on the research division based in India, mainly dedicated to technical assistance of products for the development of Supply-Marketing in the Asia Pacific region.

The Solaize Research Centre (CRES)

The Lubricants Department of the CRES is the benchmark for Lubricants Research. The activities of our researchers range from improving knowledge about base oils to the development of performance products. The lubricants formulated are used for applications in the fields of transport and industry, as well as for harsher uses such as in Motorsports. The Lubricants Department provides high-added value solutions and services in compliance with regulatory and environmental requirements.

- For "engine" business, a major focus of Research is the formulation of FUEL ECONOMY lubricants. Thanks to their ability to reduce friction between engine parts, these lubricants enable energy savings, which translate into fuel savings for all types of vehicles.

The researchers also formulate special fluids for gear boxes and transmissions. Thanks to their FUEL ECONOMY performance characteristics, the lubricants formulated make it possible to obtain significant results in terms of energy savings while maintaining driving comfort and a high level of reliability.

-The researchers dedicated to Marine Lubricants identify and assess new chemical formulae for additives and bases. They design test and formulate products meeting increasingly stringent environmental constraints, these products enable:

  • Enhanced durability of engines
  • Flexibility of operation – regardless of the fuel type –
  • Greater energy efficiency

- Innovative products are also being developed for industrial lubricants and greases, in partnership with key users.

Our resources:

  • Recognized skills in many scientific disciplines, including chemistry, analysis, formulation, tribology, mathematics, statistics, mechanical engineering, and engine technology.
  • Tools for testing at the forefront of innovation: engine test bench and chassis dynamometers for measuring product performance under standardized, repeatable conditions (consumption, wear, fouling, pollution) on different types of engines and vehicles including trucks and marine engines.
  • Sophisticated analytical facilities: Plasma assay, analysis by X-ray fluorescence, infrared, gas or liquid chromatography, nuclear magnetic resonance, to assist in the formulation of products thanks to the molecular understanding of the phenomena and effects observed.
  • Support teams in scientific computing, documentation and technical intelligence, industrial property, quality, and safety.

A few of our results:

  • Fuel Economy lubricants among the best on the market (TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 0W30 and ELF SOLARIS FE 5W-30)
  • Special lubricants tailored to post-processing systems (TOTAL QUARTZ INEO ECS 5W-30, ELF SOLARIS MSX 5W-30)
  • High-tech lubricants that have contributed to the many victories by Renault in Formula 1 racing and by Citroën in World Rally Championships
  • Lubricants for truck transmission enabling longer oil change intervals (LONGEVIA BSV 75W80)
  • Universal marine lubricants that adapt to variations in the sulphur content of fuel oils in compliance with environmental standards. They allow ships around the world to sail using a single lubricant.
  • New lubricants for industry, with the CERAN range, capable of withstanding high temperatures, damp environments and very high pressures.
  • Oils tailored to the new microlubrication systems used in metalworking.