Keeping MARINE one step ahead


Day in and day out, total products for marine engines and equipment are trusted to perform reliably on over 7,000 ships.

In the world of maritime transportation, the reliability of a ship depends to a large extent on lubrication. The Total Lubmarine teams have close relationships with their international customers who include shipowners, shipmanagers and shipyards. Total Lubmarine’s teams are relied upon to be available, responsive and agile enough to adapt to a wide range of unexpected situations.

Total Lubmarine products and services are suited to a range of applications, from the engine to the bridge. Total Lubmarine has a 16% market share (PCF 2013) and is the world’s third largest player in this sector.


Total Lubmarine is a dedicated, global and integrated business unit that supports the shipping industry by delivering to almost 1,000 ports across the world. Our local presence (via our local offices and partners) is a guarantee of customized and effective solutions. Our proximity to our customers also promotes close customer relationships. Made up of more than 250 employees from 40 nations, often themselves from a marine background, the Lubmarine network understands its customers and is able to handle all their requirements.