Public Works

Public Works


Products approved by major machine manufacturers

TOTAL's highly diversified range guarantees you products that are:

  • Continually adapted to suit the latest technology and international specifications (MAN, RVI, MB, ACEA, API...)
  • Developed in partnership with major manufacturers.
  • Compliant with stringent public works machinery manufacturing standards, meeting the most demanding international requirements.
  • Tested on a variety of test platforms under the most difficult conditions.



This grade offers a complete set of exceptional performance features.  This lubricant is used for the entire fleet of machinery. It saves time and reduces costs, and its advantages can vary from having less risk of stock outages to less risk of product mix-ups when servicing equipment. In addition to lower transport costs, savings on servicing and the management of used oil and packaging.

TOTAL Concept TP STAR for hot climates

  • TOTAL TP STAR MAX HT 15W-40 for engines, gearbox (Mechanical or Powershift) and Hydraulic circuits (work or travel).To Know More
  • TOTAL TP STAR TRANS 85W-110 for axles (Differentials and Final Drives)To Know More
  • STAR XL (Special additive for wet-brakes and friction discs compartments)To Know More

Engine Oils

TOTAL develops lubricants suited to construction, mine and quarry machinery.

Rubia_Works_1000_5L TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 1000 15W-40
To Know More
  Rubia_tir_7400_5L TOTAL RUBIA TIR 7400 15W-40
To Know More
Rubia_tir_6400_5L TOTAL RUBIA TIR 6400 15W-40
To Know More

Hydraulic Oils

TOTAL develops lubricants suited for construction, mine and quarry machinery.

Transmission Oils for Manual Gear boxes/Axles

The transmission oil range: Powershift Gearboxes

The transmission oil range: Axles and final drives

Cooling System

no image Coolelf Auto Supra 26°C
To Know More
  Totalpack1 Coolelfautosupra-37_5L-sml Coolelf Auto Supra 37°C
To Know More
THERMOCOOL33 4L Thermocool 33%
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  no image Thermocool 40%
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THERMOCOOL50 4L Thermocool 50%
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