Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry
Our lubrication solutions for the chemical industry
The TOTAL Group is also one of the world's leading companies in the development of base and speciality chemicals, so our teams are well aware of your production constraints. TOTAL lubricants have been designed to protect your machines and improve their performance, while ensuring that they operate safely. They have been approved by the main equipment manufacturers.
Ammonia and fertilizer production
In partnership with the main fertiliser producers, TOTAL Lubricants has developed a wide range of products in compliance with the strictest manufacturing standards. For Further Information 
Ethylene hyper-compressors
Working alongside Total Petrochemicals, our teams have 30 years of shared experience in hyper-compressor lubrication. Discover our range of products and services that are specially adapted to plastics production. For Further Information 
Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry
The FINAVESTAN range meets the requirements of the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries. Extremely pure CODEX quality white medicinal oils that are unperfumed, odorless and colorless. Contain neither sulphur nor aromatic hydrocarbons.
Bespoke recommendations
We advise you to contact us for recommendations that are perfectly suited to your operating conditions. For further information about our products, consult the product catalogue.