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Total Lubricants has developed a complete range of mould releases which meet the requirements for the production of construction materials:

  • Technical efficiency: easier demoulding, high-quality surface finish and mould cleanliness.
  • Economic efficiency: good lubrication cost/performance ratio.
  • Does not harm the health of operators: non-toxic vegetable oil-based lubricants.
  • Does not harm the environment: our neat or soluble oils for concrete, plaster, fibre cement and clay are available in biodegradable versions.

Our high-quality products and top-level technical support will help you optimise your manufacturing processes.

Discover BIOMOLDOL, our range of lubricants for concrete demoulding. High-performance biodegradable products:

  • Help protect the environment with biodegradability levels of more than 90%
  • High-quality finishes, brilliant surfaces
  • Lower lubricant consumption
  • Lower waste oil processing costs
  • Better work conditions for users (odourless products that do not release vapour and do not irritate skin)

Immediate and deferred concrete demoulding

  • BIOMOLDOL 4, 5, 6 and 7 biodegradable oils
  • MOLDOL P50, MOLDOL V12 mineral oils

Demoulding of cellular concrete

  • MOLDOL LW583

Demoulding of concrete tiles

  • BIOMOLDOL 7 biodegradable oil: Optimum efficiency when brush spraying.
  • Significantly lower levels of consumption: 2.5 g per tile on average.

Our other speciality products:

Demoulding of clay and terracotta

  • BIOMOLDOL B5745B biodegradable oil
  • MOLDOL CT4 mineral oil

Micro-cement plates

  • MOLDOL FC 30

Construction, civil engineering and precast plaster and concrete

  • MOLDOL V12

Does not stick to concrete and protects construction operation materials

  • BIOMOLDOL S biodegradable oil
  • MOLDOL B5817

We also have a range of maintenance lubricants for all your applications:

  • Greases: MULTIS EP
  • Oils for hydraulic systems, compressors, pneumatic equipment, gear systems and movements.

Bespoke recommendations

We advise you to contact us for recommendations that are perfectly suited to your operating conditions. For further information about our products, consult the product catalogue.