Energy Production

Energy Production

High-performance lubrication solutions for all your equipment

In the very capital-intensive energy production sector, equipment availability and performance are essential for profitability. The quality of the lubricants used has a major impact on both of these criteria.

TOTAL lubricants are the fruits of research and work carried out in collaboration with the major component manufacturers in the energy sector, ensuring the high performance of your equipment – both now and in the future. Our wide range of oils, greases and coolants meets the requirements of all industrial applications in the energy sector. Our global coverage ensures that you have fast access to our products on all of your sites throughout the world.

We share our expertise in lubricants with you, providing you with a range of services designed to optimize your equipment’s productivity and reduce your maintenance costs:

  • Turbine service package: filtering, rinsing, factory fill, turbine oil change
  • Oil analysis
  • Maintenance and lubrication software

Discover our industrial lubricants for energy production