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Total Lubricants Blending Unit, commissioned in April 2000, is a State-of-the-art plant located at Jebel Ali Free zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The ‘Let’s Make it Happen’ motto practiced at the plant has been highly successful due to seamless integration of the right communication and technical advice facilitating right decisions and right solutions.

The plant is highly flexible and responsive to customers' needs and is reputed for being a reliable service provider of world class lubricants.

Total Marketing Middle East activities comprise of 4 basic dimensions:


  • Manufacturing
  • Storage
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation

The perimeter of TLBU supply chain includes supplies to GCC countries, Arab league countries, CIS countries and affiliates of the group, predominantly in the African continent.



Extremely adherent and strictly compliant to the Total Golden Rules, the prime objective of the plant is safety focusing on the protection of people and the environment. As a result, TLBU has successfully worked 3.50 million man-hours without loss of any working hours due to injury.



The Journey

The Plant was built in 1999, inaugurated in April 2000 by His Highness Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates.

Since then, the plant has subsequently gone through series of capacity enhancements. The plant has been automated with application of latest technology in blending and filling. It is currently rated at 175,000 metric tons of lube production and 7,500 metric tons of grease on an annual basis.

Grease manufacturing facility is one of the latest and a wide variety of greases can be produced including the complex greases.



Plant Supply Chain

Products are made using base oils and additives imported from Total group’s approved sources. TLBU is fully operational, offering highly quality-oriented services. It has a product range of automotive lubricants, marine oils, gear oils, transmission oils and hydraulic oils.

The plant is equipped to fill a variety of packages from small cans, pails to drums in both metal and plastic packaging using high speed filling machines with a high process capability, supported by automated end of line packaging process. Key automotive majors, industrial and marine customers are serviced through bulk tank trucks as well.

Supply chain process of the plant is optimized and aided by SAP ERP systems.

TLBU Laboratory

The Plant is well equipped with latest laboratory testing instruments and has a very impressive track record in terms of Quality Assurance Management. The advance quality control Lab facilities rank very high among the world wide labs of Total Blending Plants.

TLBU Plant has become one of the few lube oil blending plants in the Middle East to have “Four Certifications” i.e. ISO 9001, ISRS (International Safety Rating System) Level 7 and ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. This Plant has also received “Dubai Quality Award” in 2003 and JAFZA EHS gold category awards in the year 2006 and 2008.

With over 100 employees in the plant, Total believes in capital management and does all it requires to support the welfare of their employees.

TLBU has implemented a "Service provider approach" that requires the plant to take complete onus for providing workable solutions based on customers' requirements. TLBU adheres to a stringent safety & quality process in every facet of its operation. The blending process is fully controlled by a computerized PLC based technology ensuring a consistent success rate of 98.5% "First time Blends".

Lubricants Facilities

Being known as one of the best in the region having an extremely flexible modular concept adopting the Lubricants Equipment Modular (LEM) technology, TLBU has an annual production capacity exceeding 175,000 MT. A blending unit indeed, TLBU is equipped with extremely modern technology to promote optimum output with maximum efficiency and also support the capital management of the unit. We believe that our employees are our assets ensuring their health and safety provisions strive to be our prime focus.



Total 4 x 4   Small Pack Filling Line

TLBU aims for Global Excellence by implementing sound, structured and innovative strategies across all processes. TLBU will continue to demonstrate its ability in setting new standards and benchmarks across the industry with focus on attaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


Total Image 5   Drum Filling Line

The packaging unit is capable of handling a wide variety of packages from 800 ml up to 210 liters


Total Image 6   Automating the Packaging Process

TLBU has installed the Robotizer commissioned to enhance the efficiency of the packaging process and eliminate the manual element to save time and reduce the risk of injuries.



Grease manufacturing facility is one of the latest and a wide variety of greases can be produced including the complex greases. The Plant is well equipped with latest laboratory testing instruments and has a very impressive track record in terms of Quality Assurance Management.

Health and Safety Rules at TLBU

Total never compromises on Safety at any level. We strongly abide by the 12 Golden Rules like they are engraved on stone. HSE has always been our prime focus, and we take every single measure to create awareness by providing necessary trainings, holding meetings and even practicing annual Safety Day at the plant.

Adhering to the HSE regulations has helped us to maintain a very safe and healthy environment, and stressing this much on safety encourages every member at the plant not to only look out for themselves but for each other.

The plant is built to meet the environmental standards of Total Group. The management of the plant is committed to meeting the local regulatory requirements and share best practices to enhance HSE culture among its stakeholders.

The vehicles dispatched to customer locations, meet the stringent PATROM requirements on Transport Safety mandated by the Group.

We are a lubricants and grease facility visited by prestigious organizations and TLBU stands as a facility that believes in space optimization and effective storage and the team at TLBU works together to maintain a powerful window of excellence to provide quality output and deliver customer satisfaction.


Certification & Awards

2001: One of the first companies in the region to be certified against upgraded ISO 9001 Quality Management standards

2004: Winner of Dubai Quality award for manufacturing based on European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) model by Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai.

2004: Environmental management systems certified to meet ISO: 14001 standards.

2005: Safety management system Certified to meet International safety requirements System (ISRS), Level 7 for the first time.

2006: EHS Award for Environmental Performance by Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority.

2008: Dubai Health and Safety Gold award for Environmental Performance.

2010: Safety management system certified to meet OHSAS 18001 requirements.

2010: Sharing best practices with Jebel Ali free zone companies to enhance HSE culture.

2011: Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) Gold Award.

2011: Environmental performance award from Ministry of Environment and Water.